fast trick to install win XP in unattend mode

some times you feel your win XP is running too slowly, it’s happen maybe because one of the file in your WINXP is damage or deleted. and you may feel to reinstall your computer. but you too lazy for waiting of the installing menus in win XP setup.
i had a way to reinstall your computer by bypassing the blue screen install menu winxp. (this tut is only working on log on mode, i mind the half normally windowsXP)

first, make sure your CD-rom is not in 1st boot (you may need to change it in bios menu).

log on to your account Win XP, click start-run or WIN+R, and type “cmd” (without quotes).

change drive letter to CD-rom ( assumed E:\ is the CD-rom drive)

get into i386 folder “(d:/i386>)” and type “WINNT32 /unattend” (without quotes) and then press Enter.

wait for the repairing menu, until it finished repairing your winXP.

and…. you’re Done..: )

you file and data will not lost or damaged.
may be this trick is old but i hope this will help you some times : )



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